TMD Tension Headaches

TMJ Care Center by Smile Solutions provided at MedSpa Solutions

Studies show that 75% of the general adult population clenches and grinds their teeth and has some of the malocclusion that contributes towards TMD.  25% of those patients have moderate to debilitating headaches which disrupt their daily life.  There are several treatment modalities for tension headaches which effectively control or resolve the pain.  We treat TMD tension headaches with dental appliance therapies such as night guards, TMD orthotics, and injectable neurotoxin called Botox.  As the muscles relax the myofacial balance results in pain resolution and patient's return to a better way of life.  A beautiful benefit of the Botox is it prevents the muscle contraction and results in smoothing of crows feet and forehead lines which is a desired aesthetic result.  Vitis the website for more information or book your FREE consultation at MedSpa Solutions today.


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